Top Gambling Activities for Irish Players

popular gambling activities in ireland

Popular Gambling Activities in Ireland

In Ireland, betting and sports betting is legal, while card games and casinos aren’t. Casinos in Ireland were made illegal by The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956. Although land-based casinos are prohibited, there are informal casinos that allow gambling in the country.

Even though formal casinos are forbidden, players can still play at online casinos, and it would be completely legal.

popular gambling activities in ireland

Popular Types of Gambling Activities

Games of Chance: Roulette, Lottery, Dices

Casinos all over the world play roulette, and it is one of the oldest casino games. There are a few variations of the game, among which:

  • European roulette – The game includes a single zero, making your odds for winning a bit greater than in American roulette.
  • American roulette – On the roulette wheel, you will find an extra zero, which decreases your odds of winning.
  • French roulette – One zero is featured on the wheel, just like in European roulette. However, there are scarcer betting choices.
  • Multiwheel Roulette – In this variant of roulette, you can use more than a few roulette wheels at the same time.

The lottery is a game with a set of determined rules. The players buy tickets to get a chance to win merchandise prizes or cash. In this game, you compete against other players. The lottery operator doesn’t participate in the game, and the prize is set in advance.

Dice is a game where players bet on the result of a pair of dice. The players can wager money against a bank or each other. The game can be played in informal settings due to the fact it requires little equipment.

Card Games: Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat

The most widely played casino game in the world is blackjack. In blackjack, to beat the dealer, you need to draw a higher hand value than the dealer’s hand value. If your hand value exceeds 21, you will lose to the dealer.

To goal of poker is to capture the pot, which contains bets by various players during the hand, and wins money. To become a winning poker player, you need to learn the game and make a strategy that will help you win. Besides the knowledge and strategy, you will also need self-discipline.

The easiest way to define baccarat is as a card game where you have 3 or 2 cards. The one with the higher score is the winning hand. There is no strategy involved in this game. It is strictly a game of chance. Some newer versions of the game are meant for players playing at lower stakes, even though it was originally a high roller game.

Sports Betting

Sports online betting is a form of gambling that includes placing a bet on the expected outcome of a sporting game. There are two outcomes: either you will lose your wager or earn a profit.

Bets are often placed on basketball, American football, hockey, baseball, auto racing, boxing, track cycling, mixed martial arts, both on professional and amateur levels. Besides the obvious choices, it also includes betting on entertainment, like political elections and reality show contests, as well as contests that don’t include humans like greyhound racing and horse racing.

The bets can usually be placed legally through a sportsbook or bookmaker or through privately run enterprises that are illegal.


Slots are an incredibly popular gambling game. Slots are gambling games with spinning reels that have symbols on them. After you place a bet and spin the reels, the symbols randomly land, and if they line up, you can get a winning combination.

There isn’t a strategy you can utilize to win when it comes to slots since they are entirely random. Slots have several different names across the globe, including video slots, pokies, one-armed bandits, and fruit machines or fruites.

Land-Based Casinos in Ireland

Land based casinos in Ireland

The Department of Health in Ireland published a survey on gambling habits in Ireland in 2019. The data from the survey conveyed that many Irish people engage in different forms of gambling.

The most common form of gambling is scratch cards and lottery tickets. Males have a higher occurrence of problem gambling than females.

The occurrence of gambling was highest among owners of their own business, managers, and middle management senior civil servants. Meanwhile, it was lowest among apprentices, trainees, unskilled and semi-skilled manual workers.

Most likely to gamble were people aged from 55 to 64, then people aged from 35 to 44, and lastly, people aged from 45 to 54.

Regulation of Online Casinos in Ireland

Players in Ireland can fully enjoy online casinos. When it comes to Ireland, casino operators from many different countries can apply for a license. For instance, casino operators located in Malta or the United Kingdom can apply for a permit and then offer services to players from Ireland.

When playing in Ireland, players have access to some first-class gambling options. At online casinos, players can find anything they would find at a land-based casino, but they are able to play it from the comfort of their homes.

Sports Betting in Ireland

Is It Popular?

Sports betting is perfectly legal in Ireland, and there many betting shops in the country. When the Amendment to the Betting Act was passed in 2015, online sportsbooks were made legal. This meant that now it was legal to run an offshore sportsbook in Ireland.

In Ireland, horseracing is one of the most popular sports, with over 70% of the total bets placed by Irish punters. Besides horse racing, it is also popular to bet on sports such as football.

Who Regulates It?

Currently, the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery is responsible for overseeing gambling in Ireland. The National Lottery Act of 2013 established this body. Other bodies accountable for regulating are the Department of Justice and Equality (DOJE), The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI), the Revenue Commissioners (the Irish tax authority), and the An Garda Síochána and the district courts.

What Is the Difference Between A Legal and An Illegal Betting Platform?

A legal betting platform is highly regulated at the state level. TO ensure consumer safety and game integrity, states establish rigorous licensing regimes. On the other hand, illegal betting is bookies and sportsbooks that offer betting outside these licensing regimes.a

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